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Being online on the Internet has a lot of fun. When you are online, you are connected with different kinds of anonymous people. People you do not know and never heard of. They may use you or make you give them information about yourself or your family. These information may look simple and innocent. Do Not give any one any real information about yourself without a permission of your parents.

Keep these tips in mind when you go online using the Internet:

Pick a screen name that will attract the kind of friends you would like. Do not use a name that is negative, belittling, or provocative.

Only send pictures of yourself or any other member of your family with your parent's permission.

Tell your parents if you encounter inappropriate or offensive messages or attachments. Never respond to these messages.

Don't tell anyone your exact age, just say you are under 18. Be smart and do not give your name, address, phone number, parent's work address/phone number or the name or location of your school.

Do not fill out surveys or register at sites without your parent's permission.

Never tell any one that you are alone or what time you may be alone.

Never trust or believe any one online. They may be lying in every information they give you even their age, six, or country.